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Fort Lauderdale real estate and what others say about buyer agency

"If your agent isn't a Buyer Broker - he works for the seller" - U.S. News and World Report

"Agent's who show homes don't represent your interest. They work for the seller, and their objective is to sell the house at the highest price." - USA Today

"Exclusive Agencies are the best, they remove any conflict of interests, which is the main reason for considering a buyer broker in the first place." - Kiplinger's Changing Times

"The best buyer brokers are so-called exclusive agents - that is they represent only buyers, never sellers. Buyer's average a 5% saving when represented by a buyer's agent rather than a sales agent." - Money Magazine

"Buyers: If you want representation, work with a buyer's broker. They are legally obligated to represent your interests in negotiations with the seller." - The Consumer Federation of America

"Groups such as the Consumer Federation of America and AARP recommend using buyer's brokers." - Smart Money

Bought Not Sold      Home buying mistakes can no longer be camouflaged by inflation, justified by irrational appreciation or absorbed by employee relocation programs, so the best defense against financial loss today is smart buying. Bought, Not Sold provides the information necessary to be a very smart buyer. Ray Wilson's Bought, Not Sold is a winner.*    

 *Review by Becky Swann, President and founder of IRED.COM, Inc. 



Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine

Strategies for Buyers - April 1998

The last thing you want to do is walk into an open house and start blabbing how much you can afford to the agent who has listed the house. That agent owes his or her allegiance to the seller--and only the seller. If you're negotiating with a pro, you ought to have a pro in your corner, too.  Get an advocate on your side.  It's commonplace now for buyers to sign up their own agents to represent their interests in a deal. Look for a buyer's broker who will represent you--and only you. 



Buyer Beware - by Carla Cross

Finding the right house usually means first finding a good real estate agent. That's the focus of Buyer Beware! Author Carla Cross candidly reveals many secrets of the business to help buyers avoid being buffaloed by lazy, incompetent, or unethical practitioners. That may happen surprisingly often; one-third of all homebuyers say they would not use their agents again, according to an industry survey.  Cross tells how best to screen and choose an agent, and advises buyers to hire their own agent, or Buyer Beware!

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